El Corberu, 11 33560 Ribadesella (Asturias) Tlf: 984 70 47 77 – 619 59 46 92

Chapel of Guía

Located at the Corberu Hill, very close to our hotel, you can enjoy some wonderful views, with the entrance to the bay of Ribadesella’s port. From our hotel you can walk to the chapel easily.

Chapel of Guide, in Ribadesella (Ermita de Guía)

At the top of the hill you’ll find the Chapel of Guide, a small church holding the Guía Virgin, patron saint of sailors and fishermen from Ribadesella since very long ago. Surrounding the chapel there are some cannons pointing the horizon. They were used decades ago by the people of Ribadesella, to defend themselves from any threat coming from the sea, either pirates or foreign conquerors.

Image: Cayetano